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Spring Break Workers

We started Spring Break when we had a fairly good idea of the work we wanted to do in Mallorca and we knew what type of team it would take to put it into practice. Spring Break is always associated with the parties and the fun you have when schools and colleges break up. We wanted to create that atmosphere of a party scene, ready for you as soon as you arrive, a chance to jump into the island party mood.

We knew that in order to be successful, we needed a creative team of open-minded, hard-working individuals that would be supportive and encouraging of each other, in order to succeed we would have to be old school. Sometimes it’s just like that, there is a special chemistry between a group of people, and that is very unifying.

We breathe, sleep and eat parties, we get very excited with new concepts and acts. Summer 2019 was our biggest year yet because we grew so much, becoming the most talked about the event across the resort, and we now have a loyal family of spring break workers. For a lot of them, it all started when they applied. A big chunk of the Spring Break vision was to have our own night club, and before the end of 2019, we accomplished just this. We are getting ready for 2020 right now, it’s the end of a decade and we are going to give it the best send-off possible.

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Spring Break Workers