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5 Reasons why working abroad is beautiful!

Sunday 24th November 2019

The weather is unreal. You’ll make a whole heap of memories and most definitely have your best summer yet. This is what first springs to mind when even considering working abroad. However, beyond that, there’s so much more to working abroad in summer. You’ve probably seen the photos, heard stories and even convinced yourself of what your summer will consist of!

There’s no better time to do it other than when you are young and still unsure of what your future holds, preparing for your career path. You’ll gain both skills and experience to carry through life, growing yourself in all aspects. It might not be considered a holiday as such but it certainly will be ‘an extended period of leisure’ as its definition.

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1. Comfort Zone

Without even realising, you’re probably pretty comfy. A group of friends used to doing regular things together and going to the same places. At times, life feels like a routine it can be mundane and to grow you need to escape the everyday. We only grow in situations which we aren’t auto responsive to. A new destination exposes you to this. You’ll be with a different group of people, in a new location, doing different activities. You won’t know what to expect, everything will be unfamiliar but this discomfort is ultimately what’ll develop you.

Facing unfamiliarity leads to new experiences and new situations. You’ll learn how to handle these preparing you for the future.

2. Learn New Skills

No matter what you end up doing when working abroad, you’ll be learning. It might be on job skills such as making a cocktail, the art of selling to personal skills such as networking and embracing independence. It’ll be a blend of life and physical skills to set you up for the rest of your life.

Soft skills such as communication, problem-solving, exploring new places are all transferable to future jobs and day to day life.

3. Make New Friends

Taking a summer to work abroad can be quite worrisome with the daunting face of not knowing anyone prior and fretting if you’ll get on. You never know who you could meet, life long-lasting relationships to partners and a group of friends. By working abroad you’ll make friends from places you may have never intended to go giving you further opportunities to explore.

At Spring Break Workers, we help remove any initial nerves from going away without knowing anyone. When applying for a job we'll invite you to join our Facebook group and meeting other applicants looking at working abroad.

4. Personal Development

Personal growth can be largely based on environmental factors, they say life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. People expecting to develop their skills need to be close to the edge of that zone to reach beyond it. The more time you spend in a different culture, the more you learn about your own culture and yourself.

Working a summer abroad allows you to start afresh, and build on personal challenges that might exist like confidence and communication whether you’re starting from scratch or returning as a seasoned staff member - there’s always room to grow and help others to develop themselves.

5. Explore New Places

Landing a job overseas doesn’t have to mean all work and no play! We’re all for knuckling down but really, who doesn’t go mad for local tapas? Widen your palate to new flavours and experiences, and taste a lifestyle you never thought you’d possibly digest!

Opportunities like this were not as available for the past generations, take the chance in 2020 to gain further independence and discover the world. Consider how many of us Brits get to finish and then kick back in a stunning cove, sporting some shades and swim attire? Doesn’t sound too familiar right? That’s because the few that do are working a season overseas.

Most people that finish a season working abroad will tell you it was the best summer of their lives, and despite the confidence it takes to decide to leave home, none of them will tell you they regretted it! Just ask any of our ex-spring-breakers if you don’t believe us! (hangovers don’t count).

Are you ready for a summer of great weather and accessing exclusive VIP events with your own little family of island legends?

Hit apply below and begin planning your summer season as a Spring Break Worker.


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