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Why NOW is the right time to work abroad

Monday 6th January, 2020

You’ve got the idea, you’re researching how you could make it happen, all you need to do now is to take action.

Here’s a little nudge with 5 reasons why you should’ve already booked your flight.

summer work abroad

You’re not getting any younger.

Yes, this is a sad fact. We’re not saying you’re old but the truth is we’re all getting older.

A morbid thought, we know.

So make the most of NOW. We spent so many of our school days wishing we were somewhere else, dreaming of all the adventures we were going to go on and the love, success and friendships we’ll find along the way.

Well, guess what, school is OVER and you’re free to do what you please. So get a move on and begin that seasonal work adventure!

Memories don't make themselves.

The only true memories you’ll have that will carry you through life are ones that you’ve gone out there and made. The ones that come upon you without expectation. The ones that leave you feeling euphoric. The ones that involve strangers who become life-long friends. These are the memories that will pop into your head at the most random of times and leave you smiling.

It could be something as simple as sitting on Magaluf beach, soaking up the evening sun, messing about with your mates in Zante and just having that feeling of ‘I never want to leave this moment’.

Memories don't make themselves.

Working abroad has huge perks… BEACHHHHHHHHH! But it also gives you unique experiences that you won’t find at home.

The confidence to deal with rowdy party-goers (AKA you) while managing drinks orders in a place that is renowned for its ‘let’s go’ attitude is just one example. This is not to put you off working in a bar abroad, because it’s AMAZING and you’ll have the time of your life. But, you’ll get to experience a whole host of situations and we’re pretty sure you’ll see everything under the sun and then some.

The bonus to this is, you’ll never be shocked again and you’ll be ready to take on whatever life (or a group of wasted people) throws at you.

Seriously though, there are just some experiences you won’t find anywhere else other than working abroad. For example, finding the courage and strength to wander to a foreign country on your own, meet a bunch of new people and not miss your flight! You have to be responsible for yourself, you have to organise yourself and you get to realise that actually, you can do it.

These awesome moments will lead you on to get that job you want, apply for your dream house, propose to that special someone (...waaaaaay down the line, but you get where we’re going with this).

Experience comes in many forms, but the most important experience is finding YOURSELF.

There is always an excuse not to do something.


It’s a frustrating thing that we’re all good at, especially when it comes to doing something that we fear. The best form of this is to come up with an excuse. You know what, there is no excuse for stopping yourself doing something amazing.

Yes, sometimes life features curve-balls that can stop you from moving forward but the main curve-ball is usually YOU. Unless it’s detrimental to your health, then carpe diem (seize the day). Life will always throw something at you that makes you fear taking the leap.

The bottom line is, stop procrastinating from doing something out of fear for others. If they love you, they will understand and support you no matter what. One thing you’ll learn from this experience, sometimes you have to be a little selfish to get where you want to be and that’s OK.

Maybe it’s someone you love who you’re scared to leave behind. Maybe it’s a job that you’re doing really well in and you’re worried to leave for fear you won’t find something as good. Maybe it’s the fear of missing out on important milestones in your friends and family’s lives. These are all huge things to consider but the one and the ONLY thing you need to be concerned about is you and how YOU feel.

You may surprise yourself.

Never underestimate your ability to do something. You are more than you think.

No person is left out. No person is misunderstood. No person is forced to do something they don’t want to do. When you become part of a team as crazy and special as Spring Break Workers, you find family. You will make life-long friends that get you for you and you’ll learn several things about yourself that you’d never known before.

EVERYONE feels this way. Those people you’re looking at wishing you were them, they felt the same way. And you know what, they made that leap and look at them now. The beauty of working abroad, especially as a Spring Break Worker, is that people from all walks of life, with different interests and dreams are all united.

Do you have a lack of confidence? Never been away on your own? Never worked in a party environment? Scared you won’t fit in?

Getting a job overseas is a HUGE thing. There is no other way to say it and we’re not going to lie to you. What you need to realise is that you can do it.


The hardest part of this process is pushing past the fear in your head. It really isn’t a simple task and you may get a little panicky. That’s normal. Our words will not make the fear go away but we can promise you that once you’ve made that leap, pressed that confirmation button, you will be a whole new person. Taking that step to conquering your fear will only build you up into a more confident, outgoing person. The person you’ve been wanting to be since school.

It may not be an overnight feeling but you would’ve just changed the course of your life for the better. Then, when it’s all over and done with, you’ll look back and think how proud of yourself you are for not giving in and for taking yourself out of your comfort zone because you would have never of had these incredible memories if you had let fear control you.

So, where will you be going?

We have job placements in Magaluf and Zante for summer 2021. Now, hit that apply button, it’s time for the summer of your life.


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