Work In Magaluf 2024

Get paid to party!

We are the most popular Working Holiday company in Magaluf with 6 years experience.

With only a 2 hour flight, Magaluf is your perfect working holiday destination! Experience this once in a lifetime opportunity to work in Europe’s wildest party resort. Magaluf is the place to be if you want to make money with the highest earning potential compared to any party resort in Europe! It boasts a big beautiful beach with crystal clear waters, and months of non-stop sunshine. Spring Break Workers offers individuals the opportunity to come work abroad, with a strong support base and a big community of like-minded workers and party goers!

What's Included?

How to apply?

We’ve made it easy and simple for you to apply. Select the date you would like to come to Magaluf in 2024 and choose to either pay in full or select our easy payment plan.

Easy Payment Plan

Don’t want to pay in full now? No problem. Our Easy Payment Plan allows you to split the cost of the package over a certain amount of months or weeks.

Choose Your Date

April 2024

£849 £649

Limited spaces remain!

May 2024

£949 £749

Limited spaces remain!

June 2024

£999 £799

Limited spaces remain!

July 2024

£1149 £949

Limited spaces remain!

August 2024

£1149 £949

Limited spaces remain!

September 2024

£849 £649

Limited spaces remain!


Where do i fly to?

You book your flight to Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI) which is the only airport on Mallorca island. We recommend you use SkyScanner to find the cheapest flight for you.

Great tip: try alternative airports that are close to you for the best deal, as it can be cheaper sometimes from alternative cities that you can travel to via train when booking your ticket in advance.

I want to book my flight but it is expensive on the 1st! Can I come the night before?

Yes, due to the fact flights are generally more expensive on the 1st of each month, we allow our recruits to join us and be checked in to our workers accommodation the day before. (So for example, if you are coming out 1st June, you may arrive 31st May.) We can not check you in any earlier than this, as the apartments will be in the process of being cleaned.

How do I get to the Workers Accommodation from the airport?

We organise and book your transfer from the airport to your accommodation.

A few weeks before arrival, we will request your flight information (Departure airport, Flight number, and Date/Time). The shuttle buses run 24/7 so it does not matter what time your flight lands, a transfer will be scheduled for you. Once we have received everyone’s data, we will be booking your airport transfers, which will be a shared shuttle bus. You will be given instructions of which desk to go to at Palma de Mallorca Airport arrivals, where you will then be allocated a shuttle bus to take you to Magaluf. Due to the fact that shuttle bus companies only go to Hotels and not residential buildings (where you will be staying is a residential workers-only apartment block) we direct the bus to drop you off at the hotel on the opposite side of the road: ‘Hotel Spa Flamboyan – Caribe’. You will be met on arrival by a Rep who will greet you and move you into your apartment. You will be provided with contact numbers in the case that you would like to speak to a representative on the way.

Do I have to pay any more after I’ve paid my Working Holiday Package?

No, you do not have to pay anything else but you are required to have a €200 EURO cash Security Deposit ready on your arrival, this is returned to you by request when you leave the accommodation and the Reps have checked to see no damage has been made to the property. All apartments must be left in the state you arrived to them in, so they must be clean with no trash or unwanted belongings left behind.

I want to stay for longer than 28 days! (Or even the whole season!) How does it work?

As we have limited availability in our Workers Accommodation, you have to leave on the 29th of the month, (regardless of what day you arrived) for the apartments to be cleaned. If you wish to stay in our accommodation for longer, we recommend you book another package. Please be aware we now have very limited availability for June and July, so if you wish to stay for these months, you must book now! Alternatively, some workers will be offered accommodation options from their employers, or on arrival, we can provide you with the numbers for local landlords for workers apartments. This will be handled in resort only.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we recommend you get travel insurance to cover you in the unfortunate event of any medical incident, or in case any of your property is lost or stolen during your stay in Spain. You can find the best policy for you on a comparison website such as

When do I start work?

It is up to you when/if you decide to work on your Working Holiday Package. Some people do not work at all, where as some like to get stuck in straight away. We recommend you use the first week as more of a holiday to have fun, get to know your surroundings, and make plenty of friends. The first week is when we host the majority of our group activities. When you are ready, you can ask your reps to assist you with where there are vacancies, receive some advice for approaching the managers, and where available they will even personally introduce you. We only provide work opportunities, not the jobs themselves, however we pride ourselves in being partnered with Magaluf’s most successful venues to allow the best opportunities for you.

Where can I find the activity schedule?

You will be given a schedule of activities on arrival. Most of our group activities will be in the first week however we do organise things to do throughout your 28 day stay. As some activities can only take small groups at a time, we will give multiple days of opportunities to take part so everyone can get involved. All activities and schedules are subject to change, due to availability or weather conditions.

I’m British, can I stay in Spain for longer than 90 days?

Due to Brexit, the law changed so the British are currently only allowed to stay in Europe for up to 90 days. However the Spanish Government has filed a request to Brussels to withdraw from this agreement within the EU. We are currently awaiting a response, and will update our recruits as soon as we hear an update.